The HA Guide to Freight

This is the HA Guide to Freight where personal and commercial customers can view up-to-date contact details for companies in the freight industry. We deal with large-scale logistics firms as well as mail companies, so even if you’re just sending a letter rather than hauling multiple goods packages you will find the telephone number you need on our useful website.


Call DHL on their UK general enquiries contact number 0844 477 1100 if you would like to discuss the cost of freight delivery or track a parcel over the phone.

Royal Mail

Contact Royal Mail by calling their UK customer service number 03457 740 740 to enquire about the cost of recorded deliveries or if you want over-the-phone tracking information for an item that is currently in transit.

Post Office

Call Post Office UK on their main customer service contact number 0345 600 3210 to discuss the cost of sending a First Class delivery to a domestic address over the phone.


Phone UPS on their general enquiries contact number 03457 877 877 for customer service advice with their parcel rates, to track your package delivery and for commercial freight queries.